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  • NOW – comes with a set of eye masks to archive even better results! This little microcurrent device works from AAA batteries (BATTERIES ARE INCLUDED). Microcurrent portable beauty device is for those who want: to improve skin complexion (microcurrent will rejuvenate and smooth the skin), to reduce wrinkles (microcurrent will stimulate new cells to grow and fill wrinkles from underneath).
  • Micro-current is sub-sensory – it is so low, that if you move electrodes constantly if is not felt. The simple test to check the current is to place both electrodes into the depression under your lower lip and hold them for a few seconds. You will feel a little “bite”. Make sure that the skin is well hydrated. Dry skin has high resistance and will diminish the current to none.
  • Apart of blinking green light, there is no other sign that the current is going thorugh – the device does not vibrate, heats up or emits the light. If you have electical tester it is easy to test it for a current, but it is so low, that you can not feel it.
  • Apply moisturizing product – aloe vera gel, conductive lotion (INCLUDED), hyaluronic acid serum or just wet the area prior to treatment. Do not
  • To restore the muscle tissue the best amperage is 20-40uA (the lowest), to stimulate the circulation and lymphatic drainage – 100-300uA (middle). For micro-iontophoresis (the infusion of serums) use highest settings.


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